Hovenweep & Natural Bridges NT MT

Hovenweep National Monument

Hovenweep is made up of six separate units spread over 20-miles.

Hovenweep became a National Monument in 1923.


Kevin and I hiked the rim trail loop & the tower point loop. This is a 2-mile round trip hike. I’m not an expert on history but I do enjoy seeing something that is old and well preserved.


I realize just how wonderful humans are whenever I see something like these ruins. The people that lived here built something that has lasted a long time.

Natural Bridges National Monument

There are 3 natural bridges in this National Monument. Kevin and I drove the scenic drive to see the bridges. This is one of the natural bridges in the picture below.


These nature wonders make me realize how incredible nature is.


Happy RVing!

Next, Kevin and I are going to explore Roswell, New Mexico.

National Stamps


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