Our Roswell New Mexico Experience

Kevin and I are Sci-Fi fans. We’ve gone to two bigfoot museums Willow Creek Bigfoot Museum & Felton Bigfoot Museum, a UFO watchtower in Hooper, Colorado, an alien travel center near Las Vegas, Nevada, and now Roswell, New Mexico. I don’t know if I believe in UFO’s or bigfoot but like Fox Mulder in the X-Files tv show “I want to believe.”


Tour of Roswell
For our Sci-fi Fix
Kevin and I went on a tour of Roswell New Mexico with Alien Researcher Dennis Balthaser. During the tour we learned about Roswell’s history and the Roswell Incident in July of 1947. Dennis showed us two well made sculptures in Roswell and gave us good information about the ranching, atomic testing in the area, parks, restaurants, the air field and the Roswell incident. Dennis is highly recommend on trip advisor. If your interested in more than the UFO museum at Roswell his tour is a good one.

Dennis interviewed some of the first hand witnesses to the Roswell incident and some of their children. If we hadn’t gone on Dennis’s tour of Roswell the only information we would see is the UFO museum on main street. The tour made Roswell a much more interesting place to visit. I believe something happened here in Roswell but I’m just not sure what happened. 🙂

UFO Museum 

Kevin and I went to the UFO museum in Roswell. It cost us $3.00 each because were veterans. The cost is usually $5.00 a person. The museum was filled with a great deal of reading material, a few funny looking displays, a film, gift shop and friendly staff. It was interesting inside the museum and to me it was worth the $3.00 each we paid.

Roswell Humor


Fun alien stuff
Alien stuff is all over Roswell. I had a good laugh seeing all the alien things around town.

Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge
For our Nature Fix in Roswell
Kevin I drove the 6-mile auto tour in the refuge.Then we walk the 1.8 mile Ox Bow Trail. We saw several birds on the trail the American white pelican, blue heron, red-winged blackbird & least sandpiper. The refuge is well maintained. The Oxbow Trail is a good trail for a morning walk.

Happy RVing!

Bird Spotting

  • Scaled Quail -New bird for life list
  • Least Sandpiper – New bird for life list



5 thoughts on “Our Roswell New Mexico Experience

  1. Awww, you’re in my country! Guess Hubby and I should actually go see the alien museum there sometime. Roswell has always just been a gas or food stop for us on our way to Ruidoso. 😉 Curious if you went to Bottomless Lakes State Park or not? I made a quick visit there a few years ago, since we had never checked it out either. It is a neat place, better to go when it’s not so hot. It’s pretty amazing what all the alien stuff has done to boost Roswell’s economy over the years.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Roswell is making a good deal of money from whatever happened July 1947. We did stay at Bottomless Lakes State Park. The sites are a good size but there was too many flies and gnats this time of year in our site near the lake. The host is nice. He moved us to a pull thru with less gnats and flies.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sorry to hear that the winged creatures were a problem. Glad you had a nice camp host to help, too. They are so often a vital part of making or breaking a trip to a new place. If you head to the southern Texas panhandle and have a little free time, let me know! 😀


  2. This looks like so much fun. The kids are sitting with me and they really liked the alien photos. 🙂 If you are ever in NW Georgia, you should check out a small bigfoot museum (Expedition Bigfoot in Cherry Log, GA). It was a lot of fun and the kids love it. I think the kids would love all the alien fun in Roswell. The wildlife refuge looks pretty amazing! Thanks (as always) for sharing your adventures!

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