Moving Kris to California Part 1

Kevin and I had the pleasure of our son Kristophers company for a week. Kristopher decided to move. He needed a ride from Texas to California. So we drove to central Texas (Kris was in Texas) from central New Mexico (Kevin and I were in New Mexico) and started to bring Kris to California.


Kris is a real hoot to have around. We did some rest stop geocaching with him along the road to California. Also, we stopped to visit with some fun family members in Texas. We had a good meal, good conversation and great company at Saltgrass Steakhouse restaurant with our awesome Texas family members.


Then, we stopped at the Sky City Casino in Acoma Pueblo in New Mexico for football Sunday. The rv park was clean. I heard a train in the distance at night but I slept on. Its not usually for a train to be near an rv park by the freeway. 🙂

We had good satellite reception and good verizon with our jet pack. Kris and Kevin watched football while I hung out in the back of the RV watching dvds, playing on the computer and reading a book for my book club. Kevin and Kris enjoyed Alien beer that we picked up in Roswell New Mexico. I also had a skinny girl margarita with a lime. It taste okay. I’m just happy to enjoy a margarita without tons of calories. Kevin made Turkey burgers with mushrooms, onions and french fries for us. I had a side dish of veggies no fries for me. In the evening we watched a Sci-fi movie with a snack of greek 80 calorie yogurt, fruit, flaxseed and almonds. It was a  good day.

Happy Family Time!

Next, we traveled to Williams Arizona & Laughlin Nevada on our way to California.




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