Laughlin Nevada

We made it to Laughlin Nevada from Williams Arizona. We drove Hwy 68 into Laughlin. It has a 6% grade for about 12 miles. Our gas motorhome made it just fine. Kevin had to down shift to 2nd gear for most of the way. I didn’t find any coupons this year for the RV park so we paid full price for two nights. It was about $27.50 a night.

The Casino Jacuzzi 

 It was all worth it for a few moments of soaking in the jacuzzi at the casino. During the late afternoon we relaxed outside our RV under the afternoon shade reading our books.

Mexican Food

Kevin and I like the Mexican Restaurant in the Riverside Casino so we brought Kris there for dinner. I dreamt of having a rum & diet coke at the restaurant but instead I ordered a happy hour margarita. Margaritas go better with Mexican food. We stuffed ourselves on chips & salsa. The salsa is excellent but we had 2 bowls full of chips. I made myself sick. My taco was not the best. Kevin and I will stick with fajitas at this Mexican Restaurant next time. We walked on the river walk. I enjoyed walking until the flies came out. One of my favorite things to do in Laughlin is walking the river walk. I hope the flies move on soon.

Car Show

 Then we went to the car show at the casino. It cost $1.00 a person unless you have a casino card. I was impressed by the show. One of the exhibits was about a man that traveled all over the world on his motorcycle. We took the shuttle back to the RV park. Kevin and I watched Z Nation on tv. Kris amused himself with his computer. Good Day!

Happy Casino Time!

Next, meeting up with Kevin’s parents in Laughlin for some more fun family time before heading to California.


One thought on “Laughlin Nevada

  1. We spent three months in Laughlin area and I have fond memories of it. We stayed at the KOA south of Laughlin just over the river in the Mohave reserve. (BTW they have three days of free parking in a lot right across from the KOA providing you get a gamblers tag.) If you have time be sure to go to nearby Oatman and see the old western town and a gunfight. Well worth the trip! And if you go just a bit further north on Highway 66 from Oatman you can get to a spot where the view of the mountains to the west and the valley below is beyond spectacular.

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