Southern California for the Holidays

Kevin and I made it to Southern California. We’re planning on re-grouping here. Were also re-organizing the rv this holiday season. We’ve collected a few things we don’t need in the rv.

Kevin and I plan on camping at Wilderness Lakes Thousand Trails and Palm Springs Thousand Trails for the holidays.

Things to do between Oct-Jan

  • Visiting with our families
  • Dr appointments
  • Cleaning & Organize the RV inside & out
  • Cleaning up the storage area
  • Selling our old jeep wrangler seat
  • Veterinarian appointment for our Yorkie
  • Organize our trip plans for 2017
  • RV & Jeep maintenance
  • Continue Volksmarching & Walking Routine
  • Continue Eating Healthy Foods
  • Relax
  • Enjoy
  • Have Fun this Holiday Season with family & friends

Happy RVing!


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