Life Camping In One Place  



This is a picture of our time in Oregon. The water & greenery are peaceful to look at.

A Party

Kevin and I arrived in time for our nephew’s 1st birthday party. My brother’s daughter likes to plan parties. She organized a petting zoo, a nice size inflatable jumpy, pony rides, pumpkin patch, creative foods and great conversation at the party. I’m glad I went. Great People! Great Conversation!

Camping In One Place

On Monday I made smoothies for breakfast. Kevin put a turkey breast in the crock pot for dinner. He scheduled our yearly appointments. I made some future camping inquiries. I also ordered our mail, scheduled veterinarian and groomer appointments for our yorkie. I looked into the elks club expedited initiation at the Tucson Escapee Rally. We’re planning on joining the elks there. This is going to change our 2017 camping plans but its worth the change in our plans. I’m excited to become part of the elks organization.

I’ve become a fan of skinny girl drinks. Bevmo sells this product in Menifee California. I bought a skinny girl mojito mix and a skinny girl white cranberry cosmo mix. Kevin bought some Lagavulin scotch at a good price. We drove to Target. Kevin found an electric blanket to replace our broken one. I found the mint for my low point mojito at Target and priced the woks.

Katie and I enjoy making stir fry vegetables in a pan. My pan needs replacing with a real wok. I found a few woks but not the one that is right for me. Our daughter Katie came over after school. I enjoyed speaking with Katie. She is a gem. I’m hoping to do some hiking with her at Santa Rosa Plateau this holiday visit. We haven’t gone birding & hiking together in awhile.

Happy RVing!

Finley’s 1st birthday party video

Santa Rosa Plateau


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