Camping in one spot-Thursday

“Simplicity is making the journey of this life with just baggage enough.”  ~Author Unknown

Keeping it simple

It was a quiet day today. We made smoothies for breakfast and then we walked a 3k around the campground. We had a second cup of coffee then started to organize the outside storage bay of the day. This is our biggest storage bay to organize. Our goal is to organize one storage bay a day.


Kevin found a few containers for geocaching in the compartment we organized today. We’re making a letterbox stamp geocache with plenty of room for travel bugs. A letterbox stamp geocache has a stamp inside with a log book for stamping. We could cross list the letterbox geocache with We haven’t found the perfect place for the geocache yet. I’ve been looking into all the rules in placing your own geocache on I made us tea with some fresh spearmint leaves and we had lunch. Kevin played a video game on the tv inside while I read my book outside.

Organizing Inside

I reorganized the storage under the bed after lunch with Kevin’s help. I have a list of all the things under the bed now. I’m hoping to keep the list updated throughout the year. 🙂 My last year’s list worked out okay but I had to organize the under bed storage a few times last year to keep things up to date.

Relaxing Time

Kevin and I floated in the pool on our noodles and did some jacuzzi time today. There was a group of men hanging out in the pool talking about the weather and their travels. They were a friendly bunch. Later, we watched our usual youtube videos and Kevin warmed up the left over spaghetti for dinner. I stir fried mushrooms, onions, spinach and a couple of shrimp to go on top. We had yogurt and fruit for dessert while watching tv, reading books, playing words with friends and trivia crack.

Happy RVing!


3 thoughts on “Camping in one spot-Thursday

  1. Sounds like a lovely and quiet day. 🙂 We want to go Geocaching, are there any free apps that you could recommend? We have no idea where to start! Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Sounds like a great day to me! I plan on doing my yearly rearranging while we are stationary until Jan 6. We love geocaching too. We have several TBs that need to be dropped off at specific areas and a couple of caches we’d like to hide here in CA. Stay warm!

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