2017 Year Plan

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”
Oprah Winfrey


I made a list of New Year’s Resolution for 2017. Its more of a plan for 2017. Why? The plan helps me to see things that need to be changed. It also helps remind me to keep good habits alive.


Be Healthy & Active

-Keep Weight Down using weight watchers simply filling method & weight watchers smart points program

-Exercise by walking

-Cook Healthy by steaming veggies in a pressure cooker & using a wok to stir fry

-Eat fresh foods like fresh veggies & fresh fruits grown by local farmers


Keep my mind peaceful & free of anxiety 

-Breath, Slow down & Look up at the sky

-Be positive

Build my mental muscle 

-Learn more about birds

-Keep Reading

-Learn a new hobby if the opportunity presents itself


Open my friend circle (scary)

-Be Friendly by taking time to listen and talk to others when the opportunity presents itself

-Be open to new social experiences for instance elks, rallies or club house activities

Keep connected with family

-online social network like facebook, Instagram and snap chat

-calling with facetime

-by attending family get togethers when were in town


Keep connected with my beliefs

-pray daily

-meditate on scripture

What’s your New Year’s resolutions?

Happy RVing!

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Need help with weight

Simply Filling Weight Watcher

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5 thoughts on “2017 Year Plan

  1. This was great!!! We are on the same path! Bill was told by his cardiologist he HAD to change how he eats. Both of us just kept watching weight creep on….but the more we tried to stop it the worse it got. Anyway what a shock the learn the silent killer had invaded his body. So we’re now off processed foods. We’re using the Fooducate app. He’s down 22 and I’m down 12! So this is now a lifetime plan as he heals his veins and heart from a near catastrophe!
    The doc couldn’t believe our level of activity so he’s VERY encouraged. We’ll see him in April for an assessment on his progress. So we’re with you!


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