Tiffin Service Campground

Our 2014 Tiffin Allegro Open Road 31SA needed some work done on it so we brought it back to the factory.

The Tiffin factory is in Red Bay, Alabama. We checked into the Tiffin Service Campground on a Saturday. Its $20.00 a night. The campground is basically a parking lot with full hook-ups, laundry, parts store, Allegro Club Store, waiting area and plenty of Tiffin service bays. When we checked into the campground we were immediately given a paper (punch list) to put in writing what we needed to be done on the rv.

We turned in our punch list of things to be fixed on Saturday. The Tiffin service bays are closed on the weekend.  We found the Sparks Restaurant in Belmont, MS its a good breakfast place. The coffee was hot and the biscuits were good.

At 7:00 am on Monday morning Jason addressed all our concerns.

On Wednesday the upholstery team started working on our L-shaped couch. We had a rip on the arm of the couch and upholstery damage. They took the whole couch out and re-upholstered it. The staff said it was a bad batch of upholstery. We paid for the labor done on the upholstery. It took them 8 hours to re-upholster the couch.

Our dinette was damaged so that was replaced.


Before 2014 Dinette


After 2014 Dinette

I’m so glad our upholstery is fixed. I was embarrassed by it. We covered it up with sleeping bag liners and blankets. lol

Tiffin has a dog-friendly waiting room. I liked talking to the other ladies in the waiting area. I was surprised how good Joey (our dog) behaved himself.

On Thursday our rv entered the service bay at 7:00 am and by lunch, our punch list was done. It was worth the drive to Alabama.

Punch List- All fixed at good prices

  • our shade motor was fixed
  •  bathroom fan lid fixed
  • oven door fixed
  • two-seam on the outside of rv fixed
  • upholstery fixed

Happy RVing!

Next, camping at Cherokee Landing Thousand Trails in Saulsburg, Tennessee.

Favorite Local Cafe


Tiffin Factory Tour

“You can’t buy happiness…but you can buy an RV, and that’s pretty close.” by an unknown author

Kevin and I didn’t start our day with the decision to attend the Tiffin Factory Tour.

Kevin and I like to eat local foods so we decided to look at the local farmers market in Red Bay. The google phone map brought us to the Tiffin Factory instead of the local farmers market at just the right time for the factory tour.

This picture below is the Allegro Visitor Center with a 1976 motorhome out front. The motorhome has a green shag carpet and a green/orange color scheme inside. I remember these colors being very popular in the 70’s.

FullSizeRender (12)

The tour started out with a short video from the Tiffin family. Tiffin makes 12 motorhomes a day. Tiffin is going to start making a Class C & a Fifth Wheel soon.

We saw motorhome ceilings, wires, slide outs, bathroom showers, sinks, water tanks, batteries, wood, rv roofs, lighting, furniture and more. We watched how things were cut, sanded, glued and nailed into the right place in the motorhome. I liked seeing the type of material that was put into my rv.


A motorhome before the paint job

The picture below is me by a motorhome chasis prior to going into the factory assembly line. IMG_5481

I’m glad we went on the tour its interesting to see exactly how a motorhome is built.

Happy RVing!

Next, Tiffin Service Center