Seaside Oregon

While camping at Seaside Thousand Trails in Oregon


Seaside Thousand Trails is one of my favorite thousand trails in Oregon. Its has clear open areas so we have good satellite reception. Our Verizon wifi works good here. We found a campsite with full hook ups by the indoor pool & spa. We can walk to the beach & movie theater from the campground.


Local Restaurants: The local breakfast place we found is Pig’s n Pancakes. It serves a variety of breakfast meals. The coffee is hot and the waitresses are friendly. We have tried the Dooger’s Seafood & Grill for Clam Chowder. I was happy with the flavoring of the clam chowder here but it wasn’t the best clam chowder I’ve tasted.



Seaside on Saturday: Saturday was busy in Seaside. The beach was filled with excited kids & hopeful parents for the beach soccer series in Seaside. The muscle cars lined the streets in downtown Seaside during the muscle car & chrome show. The local Seaside elks had a fundraiser for a fallen police officer. Saturday in Seaside was filled with things to do.


Nature Identification: I’ve spotted several wildflowers to identify. Also, we found a new bird for our life list. While on our morning walk we spotted a Caspian Tern. His orange beak and black-capped head stood out among the seagulls on the beach.

Happy RVing!

Bird Life List

Wildflower List

Local Cafes


Our Roswell New Mexico Experience

Kevin and I are Sci-Fi fans. We’ve gone to two bigfoot museums Willow Creek Bigfoot Museum & Felton Bigfoot Museum, a UFO watchtower in Hooper, Colorado, an alien travel center near Las Vegas, Nevada, and now Roswell, New Mexico. I don’t know if I believe in UFO’s or bigfoot but like Fox Mulder in the X-Files tv show “I want to believe.”


Tour of Roswell
For our Sci-fi Fix
Kevin and I went on a tour of Roswell New Mexico with Alien Researcher Dennis Balthaser. During the tour we learned about Roswell’s history and the Roswell Incident in July of 1947. Dennis showed us two well made sculptures in Roswell and gave us good information about the ranching, atomic testing in the area, parks, restaurants, the air field and the Roswell incident. Dennis is highly recommend on trip advisor. If your interested in more than the UFO museum at Roswell his tour is a good one.

Dennis interviewed some of the first hand witnesses to the Roswell incident and some of their children. If we hadn’t gone on Dennis’s tour of Roswell the only information we would see is the UFO museum on main street. The tour made Roswell a much more interesting place to visit. I believe something happened here in Roswell but I’m just not sure what happened. 🙂

UFO Museum 

Kevin and I went to the UFO museum in Roswell. It cost us $3.00 each because were veterans. The cost is usually $5.00 a person. The museum was filled with a great deal of reading material, a few funny looking displays, a film, gift shop and friendly staff. It was interesting inside the museum and to me it was worth the $3.00 each we paid.

Roswell Humor


Fun alien stuff
Alien stuff is all over Roswell. I had a good laugh seeing all the alien things around town.

Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge
For our Nature Fix in Roswell
Kevin I drove the 6-mile auto tour in the refuge.Then we walk the 1.8 mile Ox Bow Trail. We saw several birds on the trail the American white pelican, blue heron, red-winged blackbird & least sandpiper. The refuge is well maintained. The Oxbow Trail is a good trail for a morning walk.

Happy RVing!

Bird Spotting

  • Scaled Quail -New bird for life list
  • Least Sandpiper – New bird for life list


Moab Utah

Moab Utah

It is possible from here to gaze down on the backs of soaring birds.” -Edward Abbey

Canyonland National Park


Beautiful Canyonland National Park

Kevin and I hiked the Grand View Rim Trail at Canyonland Nt Pk. It’s a 2-mile hike along the Grand View Point Overlook. The hike was well maintained. I enjoyed the views of the canyon below. We also hiked the 1/2 mile Mesa Arch Trail. There is a nice view through the arch but too many tourist for me to get a good photo.

We saw a Hopi Chipmunk and a Canyon Wren along the trail. The formations here are beautiful and funny looking

Arches National Park

Arches National Park has around 2,000 arches in the park.
The arch in the picture below is called The Double Arch.


Landscape Arch 
in the picture below


The trail to Landscape Arch is marked with a small pile of rocks called Cairns. Its an easy trail to follow. I enjoyed the views on the walk. Kevin and I had a good time here. The early morning air was fresh. The sun shone just right for a morning walk.

We saw several beautiful arches, funny looking rocks and had a good hike at Arches National Park.


Kevin and I had some time to relax at a rest stop on the way to Moab. We decided to look for a geocache. Kevin found a movie geocache at a rest stop on Cachly. The cache was filled with VCR’s and one DVD. Kevin and I left a blue ray Simpson DVD. We like to leave the cache better than we found it. I enjoyed the excitement of the hunt.

Moab Farmers Market

It was raining the day of the market but some vendors were there. We picked up some apricot butter, fresh corn, peaches and pears. Nice vendors! Nice Market!

Happy RVing!

Next, Kevin and I are going to explore Hovenweep National Monument and Natural Bridges National Monument in Utah.

Bird Spotting

  • Canyon Wren

Wildlife Spotting

  • Hopi Chipmunk

National Park Stamps in Moab

Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming

Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming

To me a lush carpet of pine needles or spongy grass is more
welcome than the most luxurious Persian rug.
                                                                                 – Helen Keller

Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming
The first National Monument in America.
No Close Encounters here just….

Birding & Wildlife

We saw a Belted Kingfisher on a wire near our campsite. He would fly off to hunt for food sometimes. A Mountain Bluebird, American Robin and Brewer’s Blackbird were also at our site. On our walk we saw three white-tailed deer in the campground area. This American Red Squirrel made trills squeaks chatter at us during our volksmarch at Devils Tower.

Prairie Dogs

The black-tailed prairie dogs are so cute. They live in a 40 acres area near the campground in a place called prairie dog “town.” I had a good time watching them call out to each other for awhile then they just got to be annoying. They communicate with barks & yips. A few prairie dogs escaped prairie dog town. The escapees communicated a great deal when our yorkie was near them. 🙂


There is a virtual geocache at the Devils Tower. A physical geocache isn’t allowed on National Park lands so a virtual cache is perfect. The geocache is on one of the hikes at Devils Tower. I did my best to find the exact gps coordinates. Now, we have a Wyoming geocache badge on our profile at the website.


There is a volksmarch here at Devils Tower. We did the 8 kilometer walk. The volksmarch is hosted by the Black Hills Volkssport Association. On the volksmarch we saw this balancing rock and a few brave rock climbers. The views on this volksmarch are beautfiul. The rock climbers are near the wooden ladder constructed in 1893. The first climber was William Rodger he climbed the devils tower using the wooden ladder and ran a American flag up a flagpole while thousand of people cheered him on.

Favorite Campground

We dry camped at Belle Fourche Campground. Our dry camping site is A-10. At the campsite we had a view of the sky and a sliver view of the devil tower. It was quiet at our campsite so I slept well here. I like our view. The campground has two loops A & B. The campground had a few campers when we pulled in Sunday at 12:00 but by late afternoon loop A was almost full.

What the Indians think of Devils Tower?

The South Lakota Indians consider the Devils Tower a sacred place. The Indians tie prayer cloth, prayer bundles or prayer ribbons to things throughout the tower. Its a quiet place for meditation.

I think its an incredible geological formation to experience. It was well worth our time to camp at this National Monument.

Happy RVing!

New Birds & Wildlife for us

Black-tailed Prairie Dog

Belted Kingfisher

Our National Park & Monuments List

Three National Park Stamps at the Visitor Center

Happy RVing!

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Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach, OR

Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach, OR

Haystack Rock


Haystack Rock is known for its population of Tufted Puffins. The Tufted Puffin arrives starting in April. They return here every year to lay one egg in their burrow. The best time to see them is low-tide. Kevin and I woke up early and drove to Cannon Beach to see the Tufted Puffin. I saw a volunteer relaxing in a chair with his scope focused on a Tufted Puffin on the rock. We chatted with the local volunteer a bit. It was an incredible moment to see them flying around the rock and sitting in the grass near the top of the rock.

Cannon Beach is a quaint beach town. I saw several different statutes of the Tufted Puffin around the town. We’ve been looking forward to seeing the Tufted Puffin. He is beautful.

Happy Birding!

Cape Meares State Scenic Viewpoint

We drove to Cape Meares State Scenic Viewpoint in Tillamook, Oregon. The Cape Meares Lighthouse is located there. This is Oregon’s shortest lighthouse. Inside the lighthouse is a gift shop, exhibit, video and a tour of the tower.

The Cape Meares Scenic Viewpoint has a very oddly shaped Sitka spruce tree in the area. The local legend is that the Native Americans placed their dead in canoes and placed them in the tree. That’s why the tree is shaped the way it is. The tree is called “Octopus Tree.”


We walked to several of the lookouts by the lighthouse. The seabirds were flying, nesting & swimming. The Pigeon Guillemot is a new bird for our bird list. It was floating by Three Arch Rock National Wildlife Refuge.  We also spotted a Pelagic Cormorant on a nest. Two new birds for our bird life list. Great Birding Day!

Kevin and I went to mexican food for lunch. I ate a whole veggie burrito and too many chips to count. It made me sick. I’m starting fresh with my weight watcher smart points tomorrow. 🙂

Happy RVing!

Sacramento Last Days

I like fresh veggies to stir fry, steam & put in the oven. The local farmers market in Sacramento was perfect for buying veggies. The Country Club Plaza farmers market is open on Saturday mornings.

We saw honey, bread, veggies & fruit at the market. We made it to the market just before it started to rain.

I bought some broccoli for my new broccoli & chicken recipe. It turned out perfect for my weight watcher program. The new program has less saturated fat and less sugar.


Bird Sanctuary Love it

We also went birding at the Bobelaine Audubon Sanctuary. There are no maps at the entrance so we used Kevin’s iphone map.

The birds flew all over the trees in the sanctuary. The trees hid the birds so well. A few turkey vultures circled the sanctuary. I did find something at the sanctuary. I have poison oak on my legs. If you decided to go birding at this sanctuary beware of the poison oak.

Happy RVing!

Bird Spotting

  • Scrub Jay
  • Ash-throated Flycatcher
  • Cedar Waxwing
  • Turkey Vulture
  • Red-shoulder Hawk