How I spent my birthday

While camping at Grapevine Elks Lodge in Grapevine, Texas

Birthday Breakfast: It was my 53rd birthday so Kevin and I went to breakfast at the Old West Cafe in Grapevine, Texas. This place is perfect for us. The western decor is interesting to look at. The waitress was friendly and had a good understanding of the menu. The coffee was hot and the restaurant has flavored creamers. I had a meal called the cowgirl. It was one egg, one sausage, grilled sourdough, strawberries & bananas. Excellent!

Farmers Market: After breakfast, we drove to the seasonal outside farmers market on 325 S Main St Grapevine, Texas. The farmers market is one row of vendors in the Town Square Gazebo. We looked for Texas grown vegetables but the vendor had mostly out of state stuff. We sampled Texan made bacon, Texan made cheese and cantaloupe/honeydew at the farmers market.

Storm Warning: I looked for a hike but a storm warning was in effect in the afternoon so I watched Twin Peaks and Guardians of the Galaxy on tv. I’m looking forward to seeing Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 soon.

Geocaching: An easy geocache was in walking distance so Kevin and I went on the hunt to find it. I like the feeling of accomplishment after finding a good geocache. It was a good hunt.

Birthday Dinner Meal: My first idea for my birthday dinner was to split a cheese burger at the elks lodge with Kevin but they don’t service food on Saturday nights. I ended up at the Cotton Patch Cafe. I tried a few southern dishes for my birthday and I wasn’t disappointed. My birthday dinner was fried pickles with ranch dressing, chicken fried steak/gravy with garlic mashed potatoes and a margarita. I had a slice of chocolate peanut butter pie from Judy’s Pie store. Excellent Birthday!

Happy RVing!

Grapevine Seasonal Outside Farmers Market

Local Farmers Markets

Food Spotting 

Local Cafes we’ve experienced on our travels.


Random 5 Friday

Random 5 Things this week

1. Spring is here the hummingbirds & Orioles are back at my feeder.

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2. I had breakfast at Anne’s Cafe in Temecula, California with my daughter & my husband Kevin. Anne (the owner) sat at our table and talked to us. 🙂

This Telephone booth came all the way from England and is in front of Anne's Cafe in Temecula, CA

This Telephone booth came from England and is in front of Anne’s Cafe in Temecula, CA

3. I had lunch with my sister. She is turning 60 years old this year. She also went kayaking with her family on her birthday. 🙂


4. My daughter is doing terrific in LVN school. Kevin & I should be able to retire in 2015. 🙂





5. Random from the past – Me (Janet) on water skis at Lake Isabella, California. I enjoyed the clear early morning water. No waves! No other boats! No Worries!

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