RV Camping in Florence Oregon

RV Camping in Florence Oregon

While camping at Florence Elks Lodge in Oregon. This campground is located in downtown Florence.

Fitbit Walking: We’ve been walking downtown to the boardwalk from the Elks lodge in the mornings. I put on my thin jacket, floppy hat, my audio book ear phones, and carry my walking stick. We try to get 10,000 steps a day. A few times on our morning walks we stopped at Old Town Coffee Shop on the boardwalk for a drip coffee and everything bagel. What kind of exercise do you do?

Farmers Market: On weekends the farmers market on the boardwalk has a good amount of artisan vendors and one veggie vendor. The vendors like to talk about the products they sell so we learn how to cook new things, where the products were made and most importantly what its called. Also, Its a good place to walk outside. Whenever we visit a new place I look up where the local farmers market is located.


Boardwalk Farmers Market

Amazon Prime: I ordered a few things from amazon.com prime so we’re staying in Florence until my items are delivered. We drove to Springfield & Eugene Oregon to see the Elks lodges. They both had a few campsites available but Eugene is closed for cleaning next week so we won’t be camping in Eugene.



Beach area by lighthouse

Lighthouse Yearly Fix: Also, we drove to the Heceta Head Lighthouse for our yearly lighthouse fix. The walk up the hill to the lighthouse is nice. The keeper’s house was closed because a wedding was taking place on the grounds. We saw the keeper’s house last year. The lighthouse volunteer talked to us about the migrating whales. We saw a few ocean loving birds by the lighthouse.



Restaurants: We’ve been to a few restaurants in Florence. The best clam chowder I’ve found in Florence so far has been at the Bridgewater Ocean Fish House on the boardwalk. Its creamy with just the right amount of clams.

Happy Travels!

Campgrounds in Oregon

Oregon Farmers Markets

Oregon Local Restaurants, Cafes & Coffee Shops 

Lighthouses in Oregon  


Cape Meares State Scenic Viewpoint

We drove to Cape Meares State Scenic Viewpoint in Tillamook, Oregon. The Cape Meares Lighthouse is located there. This is Oregon’s shortest lighthouse. Inside the lighthouse is a gift shop, exhibit, video and a tour of the tower.

The Cape Meares Scenic Viewpoint has a very oddly shaped Sitka spruce tree in the area. The local legend is that the Native Americans placed their dead in canoes and placed them in the tree. That’s why the tree is shaped the way it is. The tree is called “Octopus Tree.”


We walked to several of the lookouts by the lighthouse. The seabirds were flying, nesting & swimming. The Pigeon Guillemot is a new bird for our bird list. It was floating by Three Arch Rock National Wildlife Refuge.  We also spotted a Pelagic Cormorant on a nest. Two new birds for our bird life list. Great Birding Day!

Kevin and I went to mexican food for lunch. I ate a whole veggie burrito and too many chips to count. It made me sick. I’m starting fresh with my weight watcher smart points tomorrow. 🙂

Happy RVing!

Florence, Oregon July 2016

We made it back to the Oregon coast. When we pulled into our campground it was raining. We found a FHU site with lots of shade and a few mosquitos flying around. lol The campground is South Jetty Thousand Trails. The campsite has a forest/beach feel to it. 🙂 I think we will be happy here for Fouth of July. If the moquitos stay away.

The next day it was sunny so we decided to do some exploring. Before the lighthouse tour we found a letterbox geocache. This is our first letterbox geocache. A letterbox geocache has a stamp inside. I saw a letterbox geocache on The Geocaching Vlogger. He makes me laugh & learn.

The Umpqua River Lighthouse sits next to a whale watching area. The lighthouse has a unique red Fresnel lens. During, the tour we could only stand on the third step to see the lens. At the Cape Blanco lighthouse tour we could stand right at the top of the lighthouse by the lens.

Most of the tools the lighthouse keeper used are displayed at the museum.

We had our lighthouse passport stamped in the museum next to the lighthouse.

Happy RVing!

Lighthouse Fun in June 2016

Lighthouse Fun in June 2016

Cape Blanco Lighthouse

This is the westernmost lighthouse in the USA and the oldest standing lighthouse in Oregon. The tour of the lighthouse cost a small fee. If you have America the Beautiful, Access or a senior pass its free. While we were there I saw four volunteers on duty. Two volunteers at the welcome center and two doing tours at the lighthouse. We had a tour of the lower half of the lighthouse and the lens tower.

The Fresnel lens is beautiful. The gentleman that gave the lens tour was dressed in his uniform. He was a perfect lighthouse tour guide. The downstair area tour is filled with the lighthouse keepers tools. The white cloth the lighthouse keepers used over their clothing so they didn’t scratch the lens is on the wall. It amazed me how this lens & the lighthouse keeper saved so many lives. I was surprised that each lighthouse along the coast has its own signal to stop ships from disaster.

Coquille River Lighthouse

This lighthouse is near Bullards Beach State Park. The tower room is closed in this lighthouse. The lower half of the lighthouse is used as a gift shop. There are two volunteers in the gift shop to answer questions. Also, two volunteers to stamp passport books & work the register.

Cape Arago Lighthouse was too foggy to see when we stopped by. The lighthouse and grounds are closed to the public. The bridge to the island was removed in 2012. You can see the lighthouse from the Cape Arago Highway if your lucky.

Happy Lighthouse Fun!

Lighthouse Passport Stamps



Day Trip to Santa Cruz, California

Lighthouse, Bigfoot & Harbor Fun

On our way to Santa Cruz

There is a museum in Felton, California called the Bigfoot Discovery Museum. The owner is passionate about Bigfoot so he retired and started the Bigfoot Discovery Museum.  When we walked in the door, he was in the museum talking about the local sightings of Bigfoot in this century. He had pictures of Bigfoot, stuffed animals, books, maps & more.


Our next stop was Santa Cruz, California. Santa Cruz has two lighthouses. The Santa Cruz lighthouse is in a surfer museum. There isn’t much lighthouse stuff inside but tons of surfer stuff.


 This is a beautiful place to have a lighthouse. 

Next to the lighthouse is the Lighthouse Field State Beach. At this park, dogs were playing on the beach. I wish my yorkie would play in the water but he just sits under my beach chair. The big dogs overwhelm him sometimes.


Next, the Walton Lighthouse in the Santa Cruz Harbor. The lighthouse stamp is in the harbormaster office. In the harbormasters office we were told the lighthouse was put together in 2002. We walked on the beach to get some pictures of the lighthouse. It was nice to be on the beach.


The harbor was beautiful. Kevin and I had a good time looking at the boat names. The two funniest boat names were– Double Portions & In A Meeting


Johnny’s Restaurant has a good harbor clam chowder at the Santa Cruz Harbor.

Happy Travels!

Pictures takes with Canon Rebel & iphone

We camped at Thousand Trails Morgan Hills

Clam Chowder & Point Pinos Lighthouse

Monterey, California


We had clam chowder at the London Bridge Pub & Grill. The pub has a relaxed atmosphere.  The walls were decorated with some interesting signs to read. The clam chowder was thick & tasty. I loved it!


The usual seal at the harbor showing off for us.

Point Pinos Lighthouse in Pacific Grove, California


The Point Pinos Lighthouse is in Pacific Grove, California. The Point Pinos lighthouse is the oldest continually operating lighthouse on the West Coast and is on the National Register of Historic Places. The lighthouse was built in 1855, it’s on the northernmost tip of the Peninsula. Before the lighthouse construction, this point had proved dangerous to sailors who mistakenly believed they had reached Monterrey Bay.

IMG_0958The light is working.

It cost $2.00 per person for a tour of the lighthouse. We visited the lighthouse on a Saturday so it was open at 1:00. There were several volunteers inside to answer questions.

 It was exciting to see inside of the lighthouse. I enjoyed the shipwreck display, huge foghorn & so much more. The volunteer downstairs told us some good information about the lighting system. It was worth the $2.00.

I’m sure it must have been beautiful looking out at the sea everyday. I envy those lighthouse keepers.

Happy Travels!

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Table Bluff Lighthouse & Humboldt Bay Wildlife Refuge

We stayed at  Redwood Acres RV Park in Eureka, CA.
This is a Passport America campground.

Kevin and I explored Eureka.

Day: 1

Mike and Kevin's cousin Sharon recommend Pauls Live in New York Pizza so we had lunch there. The atmospher is great. Its so New York looking.

Mike and Sharon(Kevin’s cousin) recommend Paul’s Live in New York Pizza so we had lunch there. The decor is great. I had a hard time choosing my pizza slice with so many different kinds of pizza available. The pizza slices are huge & the price was good.  Great Place!

National Lighthouse Stamp at Humboldt Bay Harbor Recreation & Conservation District Building on Woodley Island

National Lighthouse Stamp is at the Humboldt Bay Harbor Recreation & Conservation District Building on Woodley Island for Table Bluff Lighthouse.

Lighthouse was taken apart by volunteers and placed on the island.

This inactive lighthouse was taken apart by volunteers and placed on the island. The marina is filled with boats. When this little lighthouse was active I imagine it saved many lives.

Humbolt Bay National Wildlife Refuge

Humbolt Bay National Wildlife Refuge visitor center. This is one of the best refuges I’ve seen. The visitor center has two scopes inside for people to look through. I saw advertisements for bird watching tours. The volunteers are active here.

The shorebird trail is 1.7 miles and is well maintained with good signs along the trails.

The shorebird trail is 1.7 miles and is well maintained with good signs along the trails.

Happy Camping!