Red River National Wildlife Refuge

While camping at the Shreveport Elks Lodge #122

We visited the Red River National Wildlife Refuge in Shreveport, Louisiana. Kevin and I saw several exhibits at the visitor center. The Alligator Gar was interesting. It lives in the Red River. It has a long snout with sharp-looking teeth. These fish rarely attack humans.


A friendly staff member told us how she uses a compound bow to fish for the Alligator Gar in the Red River. She fishes from a boat and is able to see the fish in the water. She also stamped our blue goose national wildlife refuge book.


On our morning walk at the refuge, we spotted a turtle, Northern Cardinals, Northern Mockingbirds, Pink Primrose wildflowers, Indian Blanket wildflowers and a new bird life lister called a Spotted Sandpiper.

Happy RVing!

Next, we moved to Vicksburg, Missouri to explore the Vicksburg National Military Park.


The Great Turtle Release of 2014/Family Visit

Kevin and I had the joy of visiting Casey & Rose (our niece&nephew)

Their new home is placed next to a lagoon that means- kayaking, fishing, birdwatching all kinds of outdoor possibilities.

Casey & Rose made a wonderful dinner of lasagna, salad and some scrumptious garlic bread. Dinner and bird watching on their outside deck was an enjoyable experience I hope to repeat in the future.  While we were visiting, Rose let go of the turtles she has raised.

The Great Turtle Release of 2014


 Turtles back in the wild

Mommy letting the turtles go

Mommy letting the turtles go


These little guys swam with their heads up for a long time. I didn’t think they would ever let go of mommy & swim away.


My sister,Rose & a family friend.

My sister,Rose & a family friend.

The Turtle Release Crew

The Turtle Release Crew

But like all wild creatures they finally swam away enjoying their new lagoon

Happy Travels!