California Relaxin

While camping at Wilderness Lakes Thousand Trails in Menifee, California

Walking Update: Kevin and I have been walking 2-3 miles most days. This campground is almost 1 mile around the perimeter. One of the main things we look for in a campground is a walking area.

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Kevin and I were walking around the park one night on labor day weekend and we noticed a Rock n Roll band playing at the pool area. We stayed for a few songs. The usual preschoolers danced around in front of the band. The music was good. The night was pleasant. It was a good treat for us.

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Kevin joined the Elks at the end of April this year in Texas. I have spouse privileges. That means I have all the benefits but I can’t vote and attend a meeting. It’s a good deal for us. We have been having a nice time visiting different Elks lodges for RVing, Elks pins, meals, fundraisers, good conversation and some good camaraderie with other Elks.

Its been so hot in Southern California we haven’t been able to do much outside so Kevin and I headed over to the Lake Elsinore Elks Lodge #2591 for lunch. The lodge was burned down a few years ago. The new lodge is nice.

We were given a tour of the new lodge by a fellow Elks member. The new lodge has a good size dance floor, nice lounge, kitchen, rv hook ups and great club sandwiches. The rv hook ups are next to the lodge. They’re located on a black top with electric/water hook ups. There was plenty of room to camp the day we visited the lodge for lunch.

Our daughter came over after school for dinner, a game & a 2-mile walk. We had a salad & two slices of cantaloupe then walked around the park. Our daughter Katie and I joined weight watchers together so we will have many of these walks & weight watcher meals together.  We had an unexpected visitor on our walk. We saw a snake.


It looks like a Western Diamond Back. I could be wrong. If you know what kind of snake this is then leave a comment below. We had a nice visit even with the snake interrupting our family walk.

The Hemet Elks Lodge has a lunch a few times a week. The lodge is new looking. They have an outside area with places to sit under the shade. There is no RV parking at this lodge.

They gave us two Elks Lodge pins & a donut for free. The lodge members were getting ready for the weekly evening bingo night.  A few of the members took the time to chat with us. We had some good conversations with the members here.

Happy RVing!

California Elks Lodges

California Elks Lodge Pins


Camping in one spot-Monday

“After a storm comes calm.”–Mathew Henry


Camping at Wilderness Lakes Thousand Trails in Menifee, California


Kevin and I were going on a 5k volksmarch but it started raining with thunder & lightning. We decided to wait for a break in the rain. When it stopped raining for a few minutes we walked around the campground. I enjoy walking outside after a rain. I avoid the rain puddles and breathe the air. It smells fresh.

We need to sell our 2014 Jeep Wrangler back seat so we drove to our storage area to take pictures of the seat. Then Kevin posted it on craigslist. I hope it sells quickly. The storm was beautiful in the late afternoon. We kept the door open and left the screen closed. I could see the rain and hear the thunder. It was intense  but exciting.

I made low smart point fajitas and Kevin steamed broccoli and brussel sprouts in the pressure cooker. Then Kevin made popcorn and we watched Derek Gentry Holistic Detective Agency on tv. I played trivia crack with Kevin and read the book Rebecca for a book club that my daughter Katie started.

Homemade Product Recipe

I needed a few ingredients so we drove to Wal-Mart. The Wal-Mart had the vitamin E & tea tree essential oil I needed to complete two recipes. I finished the coconut oil moisturizer lotion & my honey facial cleaner. I’m so glad were using more natural ingredients.


Happy RVing!

Sacramento Last Days

I like fresh veggies to stir fry, steam & put in the oven. The local farmers market in Sacramento was perfect for buying veggies. The Country Club Plaza farmers market is open on Saturday mornings.

We saw honey, bread, veggies & fruit at the market. We made it to the market just before it started to rain.

I bought some broccoli for my new broccoli & chicken recipe. It turned out perfect for my weight watcher program. The new program has less saturated fat and less sugar.


Bird Sanctuary Love it

We also went birding at the Bobelaine Audubon Sanctuary. There are no maps at the entrance so we used Kevin’s iphone map.

The birds flew all over the trees in the sanctuary. The trees hid the birds so well. A few turkey vultures circled the sanctuary. I did find something at the sanctuary. I have poison oak on my legs. If you decided to go birding at this sanctuary beware of the poison oak.

Happy RVing!

Bird Spotting

  • Scrub Jay
  • Ash-throated Flycatcher
  • Cedar Waxwing
  • Turkey Vulture
  • Red-shoulder Hawk

Old Sacramento State Historic Park

Old Sacramento State Historic Park

We decided to drive into Sacramento to see the California Railroad Museum. I didn’t realize the museum was next to the Old Sacramento State Historical Park. I saw a quaint shops, museums, food places and a view of the river. It was a school day but it seemed like every kid in the Sacramento area was at the California Railroad Museum on the day we went.

Kevin and I hunted a geocache during our visit at the park. The geocache was in a cafe. My instructions were to ask for the gatekeeper. lol The person behind the counter knew exactly what I was talking about. I felt like I was asking to enter some fantasy world with a gatekeeper. The cache was filled with swag… face masks, trackables, pencils, etc.

We had lunch at Joe’s Crab Shack. I had a blackened mahi fish taco, a few chips and an ice tea. Kevin had his usual fish n’ chips lunch. I’m gaining weight so I’m on weight watcher again. I was a lifetime member in 2009. It works for me.

Happy RVing!

Relay for Life Walk

Relay for Life in Murrieta, Calif

Relay for Life in Murrieta, Calif

Kevin & I walked in the Relay for Life Walk- Team Weight Watcher.

Weight Watcher Team Shirts Friend Don't Let Friends Fight Cancer Alone

Weight Watcher Team Shirts
Friend Don’t Let Friends
Fight Cancer Alone

The walk lasts from 9am Saturday til 9am Sunday(all night)
Awnings & tents lined up along the walk
Volunteers passing out water to the walkers
Information about cancer prevention was shared
And a kids area with crayons,coloring books and shade for children
Several RV’s in the parking lot
I hope to bring our future RV to an event like this one day

cancer walk 013cancer walk 015

cancer walk 021

Survivor Lap-courageous people who have survivor cancer

bootsignancer walk 014 (2)