California Relaxin

While camping at Wilderness Lakes Thousand Trails in Menifee, California

Walking Update: Kevin and I have been walking 2-3 miles most days. This campground is almost 1 mile around the perimeter. One of the main things we look for in a campground is a walking area.

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Kevin and I were walking around the park one night on labor day weekend and we noticed a Rock n Roll band playing at the pool area. We stayed for a few songs. The usual preschoolers danced around in front of the band. The music was good. The night was pleasant. It was a good treat for us.

IMG_0306 (1).JPG

Kevin joined the Elks at the end of April this year in Texas. I have spouse privileges. That means I have all the benefits but I can’t vote and attend a meeting. It’s a good deal for us. We have been having a nice time visiting different Elks lodges for RVing, Elks pins, meals, fundraisers, good conversation and some good camaraderie with other Elks.

Its been so hot in Southern California we haven’t been able to do much outside so Kevin and I headed over to the Lake Elsinore Elks Lodge #2591 for lunch. The lodge was burned down a few years ago. The new lodge is nice.

We were given a tour of the new lodge by a fellow Elks member. The new lodge has a good size dance floor, nice lounge, kitchen, rv hook ups and great club sandwiches. The rv hook ups are next to the lodge. They’re located on a black top with electric/water hook ups. There was plenty of room to camp the day we visited the lodge for lunch.

Our daughter came over after school for dinner, a game & a 2-mile walk. We had a salad & two slices of cantaloupe then walked around the park. Our daughter Katie and I joined weight watchers together so we will have many of these walks & weight watcher meals together.  We had an unexpected visitor on our walk. We saw a snake.


It looks like a Western Diamond Back. I could be wrong. If you know what kind of snake this is then leave a comment below. We had a nice visit even with the snake interrupting our family walk.

The Hemet Elks Lodge has a lunch a few times a week. The lodge is new looking. They have an outside area with places to sit under the shade. There is no RV parking at this lodge.

They gave us two Elks Lodge pins & a donut for free. The lodge members were getting ready for the weekly evening bingo night.  A few of the members took the time to chat with us. We had some good conversations with the members here.

Happy RVing!

California Elks Lodges

California Elks Lodge Pins


Wilderness Lakes Preserve Thousand Trails Update

One of the things I enjoy about Wilderness Lakes Thousand Trails in Menifee, CA is walking our yorkie around the campground.

During our walks I get to

  • take pictures of the birds & ducks
  • see all the fun gadgets other campers have on display
  • meet interesting folks

Wilderness Lakes never disappoints me

I was surprised by the teeth on this one.

I was surprised by the teeth on this one.

This Great Egret was keeping a fisherman company by the pond.

This Great Egret was keeping a fisherman company by the pond. So Sweet!

A shy American Coot ??

A shy American Coot ?? or just hungry?

Canadian Goose looking too interested in me :)

Canadian Goose looking too interested in me 🙂

 I met campers from Texas, St Louis & California this week some folks lived in 5th wheels, vintage trailers, travel trailer & big diesel motorhomes. One of the campers has been fulltiming for 16 years. I hope I’m blessed with full timing at least that long.

That’s it for my walks this week.

Happy Travels!

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Farmer Market in Menifee, CA

While camping at Wilderness Lakes Preserve, Kevin and I saw an advertisement for a local farmers market at Wickerd Farms. We try to eat healthy so Kevin and I loaded up our GPS with the address and headed over to the market.

The new farmers market is clean & the vendors friendly.

The new farmers market is small, clean & the vendors friendly. If your camping at Wilderness Lakes Preserve this farmers market isn’t very far from the campground.

It was a nice Sunday day trip for us. Just gotta love the fresh veggies & fruits!

It was a nice Sunday day trip for us. Fresh veggies & fruits are a must have at the farmer market’s we visit.

Pumpkin Patch for the kiddies :)

Pumpkin Patch for the kiddies 🙂

Jail for the rowdy folks

Jail for the rowdy folks

 Wickerd Farms

26852 Scott Rd Menifee, CA

Happy Market Time!

Camera Used- iphone & kindle fire phone

Conversations Matter


Kevin and I stayed at Wilderness Lakes Preserve Thousand Trails in Menifee, CA. I was impressed with the friendly campers. People took the time to talk to me during walks. Also, Kevin and I had good conversation with other campers at the adult pool. I found out so much about Thousand Trails memberships and how friendly Thousand Trails folks are.

In some campgrounds, I get a wave and a smile. Should I settle for that?

Like the Chris Young song “Aw Naw”

I want more than just a wave and a smile. I like good conversation.

As my dad always said, “I like people who talk to me”.

I’m an introvert so a campground like this is a blessing to me. Plus, they have several new level 5oamp sites. 🙂

I give Wilderness Lakes a standing ovation on the friendly meter.

 Happy Camping!

This is a good article on introverts- Why Introverts Need to Recharge?

This is a article about camping conversation- Queen of Conversation

Muscovy Duck

New bird life list is the Muscovy Duck
I saw the Muscovy Duck hanging out with a bunch of Mallards.


A lone Muscovy Duck at Wilderness Lakes without a mate.

IMG_3029Muscovy Duck

  • Muscovy ducks are highly intelligent; they are also very aggressive.
  • Muscovy ducks feed on the roots, stems, leaves and seeds of aquatic and terrestrial plants, including agricultural crops. They also eat small fish, reptiles, crustaceans, insects, millipedes and termites.
  • This species, like the mallard, does not form stable pairs.


 Happy Mosaic Monday & Wild Bird Wednesday!

Skywatch Friday

Pechanga Casino Balloon above Wilderness Lakes Preserve Thousand Trails

Skywatch Friday

Skywatch Friday

Happy Skywatch Friday!

Fruit Flies, Birds & Productivity ?


Campground Update: When I first checked into Wildernesses Lakes Preserve in Menifee, CA I was excited about the activities. Water Aerobics, line dancing, kitchen lunches, bingo, etc. until I realize most of these activities are on the weekends or lead by a resident of the campground, well no one was brave enough to lead the activities. This might be because the fruit flies from the dairy fertilizer next door? or the Southern California heat?       😦   Therefore, I had to make my own fun.

How productive was I:

So, while Kevin worked all day I stayed busy. Why? Inactivity isn’t my friend, it’s must be that work ethnic my parents inserted into my character while I was growing up. 🙂

  • walked the dog-Joey loves his walks
  • worked on the blog- I enjoy staying in touch with other RVer’s & family members
  • planning places to visit in the RV- so many places to enjoy in the USA
  • ordered the Mountain Directory’s East & West- Why? to save Tiffy’s engine?
  • ordered the Family Motor Coach Atlas – I’ve got to know where I’m at.
  • socialize on Facebook, RVillage & blogs -talking & posting to family and friends- I’m an introvert but I still like to talk to people.
  • read romance novels on my kindle -one of my escape’s

The Pool: Kevin and I are leaving a little early from this park the fruit flies are just too much even in the Jacuzzi the fruit flies attacked us.  (humidity, dairy fertilizer & the fruit flies don’t mix)

Walking: Kevin and I are walking a good 1 1/2 mile around Wilderness Lakes Preserve.

Birds:  No new birds this time but I still enjoyed the ducks, herons’s, black phoebe’s and canadian geese.

All different kinds of RV's at Wilderness Lakes Preserve

There are all kinds of RV’s at Wilderness Lakes Preserve. This RV is so cute. It can get into places I just dream about.

I like having so many different types of RV's here.

Lots of variety -small & large RV’s here



Black-crowned Night Heron

Black-crowned Night Heron my favorite bird at Wilderness Lakes Preserve


Happy Camping!





















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Picking out the perfect campsite

Kevin and I are camping at Wilderness Lakes Preserve in Menifee, CA for the week. Picking out a campsite is a new experience for both of us. We looked 3 campsites. Then practiced our backing up skills at the 3 camping sites. Finally, we went back to the first camp site we found.

What I’ve been looking for in a campsite.
Any suggestions are welcome

  1. It’s level
  2. The satellite isn’t obstructed by trees
  3. Very Spacious
  4. Afternoon Shade
  5. Nice Friendly Neighborhood 🙂

IMG_2436Happy Camping!